World Wide MUA SESRCH!

Niki Galusha

We are looking for new talent! We are so excited to announce that we are starting world wide search for a new UN DISCOVERED MAKEUP ARTIST!

The Rules for entry in this contest are simple. 

How to enter! ❤️

- Must have under 5k followers on Instagram or YouTube. You must be UNDISCOVERED!

💕1. Record a video of yourself on why you should win, show your personality, what inspires you to want to be a mua / influencer! make sure to follow us so you can see weekly updates on the contest and weekly lives featuring our fav artists of the week. Examples: YouTube video style talking where you sit down, record yourself on your phone ect.

Send your finished video to

💕2. Post content - pics/videos of you doing your makeup or your fave looks and tag #rubymaymuasearch and tag our judges! @bryangallokmir @jackyluvv @nikimarieg

💕3.Have fun and #rubymaymuasearch 🙊

Check out the posts on out IG and our Facebook for updates. 


What you will win!

A Sponsorship from Ruby May Cosmetics. that will include a ring light, $300 worth of Ruby May Makeup and a spot on out PR list for all our new release items. 

1 on 1 mentoring on how to post, what to post, how to photograph and video you looks for IG and Youtube by @jackyluvv / @makeupjackyluvv

1 on 1 guidance about stage presence and composure from our Emmy winning TV personality @bryangalloKMIR

on going features and shout outs on our instagram accounts and stories. 




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