SPALIFE Heated Eye Massager


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SPALIFE Heated Eye Massager

Always look like you’ve had a full 8 hours of beauty sleep with SpaLife’s Heated Eye Massager. This device uses gentle microvibrations to help open pores and absorb creams and serums into the skin 6x better than use of fingers alone. Heat technology helps soothe and break up the look of puffiness and dark circles for a well-rested appearance.


* Microvibrations help skin absorb creams/serums
* Three power settings
* Warming and soothing
* USB charger included

* Thoroughly cleanse the face and apply desired eye products on the skin (do not rub in)
* Device will automatically turn on when probe is pressed against the skin and fingers are touching the sensor line
* Gently massage in upward motions around the eye area, including under eyes, cheekbones, and brow bone
* Use with toners, serums, moisturizers, creams, and sheet masks to help skin better absorb the hydrating and nourishing benefits
* Use a cloth or cotton pad to sanitize the head...