CALA Hot & Cold Gel Eye Pads


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The CALA Hot & Cold Gel Eye Pads help bring relief to sore eyes, tired skin, and throbbing pain from migraines and other stress-related tension. These eye pads featuring illustrations of sliced watermelon are your therapy for fatigue and pain.

These eye pads are your go-to for relief from the stresses of life. The pressures of life can build up in our bodies and we have to find ways to relax away the strain. CALA brings these convenient and easy to carry pads with gel that can be warmed or cooled for temperature-specific therapy. Heat these pads up to provide radiating warmth, or cool them down to take the edge off. You are never far from the relief you need with these eye pads. Get several pairs for home, office, and anywhere you might experience stress.

To bring a cooling touch to your eyes, freeze gel eye pads for up to an hour. For warmth, place pads in microwave at five-second intervals until you reach your preferred level of heat.

In Watermelon, Flamingo and Pineapple

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