Live Scoops and Bundles

TikTok, Facebook and IG Lives only!

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Did you know that you could watch us scoop your order live on TikTok, Instagram & Facebook? 

We go live 1-2 times a day to scoop any orders for our Live Makeup Scoops!

Here are some tips to be featured!

  • Place your order during the live and you are guaranteed to see it!
  • We start our lives off scooping any orders that came in during down time, so if you place an order just check on our social media to see when we're going on next!
  • If you add non-scoop items to your order - it is possible that they will be shipped separately.
  • You can shop most of the items that are in our scoops in the "SHOP THE SCOOP" collection!
  • We do allow trades within reason. Items will be swatched out for products of equal value and you can not trade out more than 2-3 items in your scoop. Let us know at the beginning of the live if you can't use certain things (IE Hair products or lashes) Specific color palettes will be kept in mind but we can not guarantee specific palettes or colors :)
  • Once your order has been scooped there are no trades! 
  • Be polite! We do not tolerate rudeness or bullying of any kind. We will block you from the live and cancel your order if you become a problem. 

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